Let The Minor Things Remain Minor

Hello to my readers! Welcome to Maranatha Blogs where we seek the heart of God for us.

It’s been a while since a blog has been posted. I’ve ever so often gotten many questions on why I’ve not been posting from disgruntled readers (including my mother LOL). Busyness of studying, church and running my Business caught up with me. I however look forward to engaging with my readers from here onward as this joyful season unfolds. Let’s seek out the heart of God as we learn together!

I had the funniest experience on Monday. It was one of those moments where it gets so bad that it actually becomes funny. I go through a very long process to get to work through the traffic. I live on the outskirts of town. So it’s a whole thing to get to my job. I travel with my family through the traffic. Then I have to stop at a certain point to take a cab to get to work. Sometimes I have to wait for a car. It’s so crazy on Monday mornings that the service would try to have two persons take one cab . I fully understand this having frequented this particular taxi service. Sometimes you’ll come across someone who is totally unsatisfied by the whole ordeal while the rest of us just want to get to work on time.

So on Monday someone ended up having to share their cab with me. I got into the front seat of the car and I can immediately feel the tension in the air. I greeted everyone with a very chirpy Good Morning, to my surprise only the driver answer. I got a glance of the passenger in the back. it was a little old lady ready to rain terror on everybody and their mama. After the silence faded away, she propped herself up to argue about her rights to exclusivity of usage of the vehicle. She was totally petrified about having to share the car with me. To add to her dismay the traffic in town was backed up and the driver just starts yelling through the window at other road users. Then he started to curse and threaten the other road users. It was a full road rage on steroids. I got a glance at the even more petrified look on her face. I then smiled to myself and had a little chuckle. My thoughts in that moment were “imagine this little old lady was so enraged by having to share a cab with me as I sit so peacefully and welcoming. I’m not even the main source of her discomfort this whole drive to work.”

My question to you today is; Are you so busy majoring on the minor things, while the major things run rampant in your life but you sit back and accept it?

Sometimes we’ll hit a little bump that God has allowed us to experience so that we can deal with the mountain in front of us but we are so busy majoring on a little bump that we can’t see ourselves rushing face first into the mountains. Deal with the small things, absolutely. However, don’t be consumed by the small things so much that you make them so big that you ended up having bigger issues and bigger issues all the time. So when the real test comes you’re too exhausted to withstand. You’re feeling mentally, physically and emotional exhausted to withstand anything. Save the fight back for the real test. If you exhaust yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for every single little minor thing that comes your way you will feel burnt out.

I’m here to remind somebody today to be mindful of exhausting emotions. Take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual health. Not all little minor things are meant to be fought down. The time you’re taking to do that you could be recharging in the comfort of Jesus. Pray, read the word consecrate and recharge. So when the devil comes to shake you, you will firmly stand to say, no weapon formed against me shall prosper! If you’re feeling beaten, you’re feeling drained, you’re not recharged you’ll feel defeated.

Plug up to the giver of life! Plug up to the giver of hope! Recharge and let go of the minor things so that you can withstand the true test.

3 responses to “Let The Minor Things Remain Minor”

  1. regina babulall Avatar
    regina babulall

    Guilty! Love it! Will plug in! Thank you! 💯🙏

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      1. Kavorn Williams Avatar
        Kavorn Williams



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