Happy New Year! As we step into 2019 let’s purpose in our hearts to go deep with God!

It’s easy to believe God when we can see all the answers before us. It’s easy to move where God tells us to move when we can rationalize the end. When we can have control over our thoughts. When it’s what we know. We’ve walked it before, we know exactly what to do and how to call it. How to claim, how to praise through. How to share a testimony. The exact prayer to pray, the exact scripture to go to. It feels familiar…

What do we do when God calls us to an unfamiliar place?A place where things can’t be rationalized or thought out. When God says you need to trust me, move here without seeing what the outcome is. All that is required is an act which changes the course of everything. Faith is very easy to do when it’s what we already know. Faith is easy when it’s the request we were hoping God to ask us of. Faith gets difficult when the act God requires of us challenges what we can conceive in our minds.

Exercising faith when it’s easy is in no way a discount from the act itself. It still remains incredible. The true test is being able to say yes I believe in a complete space of unfamiliarity. What may be easy for one person to believe and act upon may be difficult for the next person.

The heart of God is for us to be able to exercise faith in the realm of unknown things. For us to move when he says to move even when we can’t see what the solution is. Imagine pulling the emergency exit of an airplane and diving into tin air without a parachute. Who’s going to catch you mid-air? Jesus is the atonement for our sins and because of him we are granted this privilege. To know when we make an act to surrender, an act to plunge. The savior comes rushing in. For a son or a daughter who decided to act. He reminds us that he’s so big, bigger than how we can even conceptualize his existence. He moves in ways we could never understand.

Is God calling you to act in a realm of unknown? If you feel the call of God to move in a place where you’ve never been before. His only request is for you to move and see just how big he is.

Let’s welcome 2019 daring to move out of the safe zone of what we to discover his truth.

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    Love this 😭❤️

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