Hey Guys, welcome to Maranatha Blogs! Let’s delve in the heart of God for us today!

A few days ago I dropped in at my cousin’s house. She had helped me to find a solution to creating a DIY heat pack that is so desperately needed in that moment. It was a disposable bottle that she had filled with water and would microwave for moderate heat. After three times of repeating this process at one minute, the bottle began to change its shape. It no longer stood on its own. I realized that after a few failed attempts of trying to prop it up to heat just for one more minute. My cousin then realize how great the struggle was she intervened; ” she grabbed a cup as a stand/support for the bottle, place the bottled in the cup and lastly place the bottle to heat again for one minute.” The bottle leaned but never fell because the support was just perfect.

My cousin then whispered to me, ” O ye of little faith.” Yes guys, she full on quoted this scripture while taking a walk of victory. LOL. Even with something this simple her words resonated with me for the rest of the day. I could hear God speak to me in that moment saying, “there’s always another way.” There’s always another solution. There’s always a way to get it done. He began to speak to me for the bigger things I was believing him for. Even though sometimes we feel like all our options have been exhausted in a particular quest, it’s not the end. It’s not the end until the task has been completed. It’s not the end until you’ve finished the race. God is creating solutions for you. God is opening new doors, new alternatives. God is sending people to connect you to your destiny. Even when you’ve exhausted all your options, someone is waiting in the wing to help point you towards your destiny. Don’t give up yet. The answer is closer than you think! Prayer changes things.

Blessed Day to all!

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