Greetings to my blog friends. Welcome to Maranatha blogs where we seek the heart of God for the progression of our christian walk. Where we recount on our redemption and walk in the Grace freely given to us through Jesus. You are not alone in this faith. Let us grow in strength together!


Sometimes we overlook the collective effort of events that have shaped our existence. The heart of God is for us to microscopically look at our lives and carefully piece together what builds our character.

As Psalms 77:6 speaks of;  I will remember my song in the night; I will meditate with my heart, And my spirit ponders.


I can remember recently going through some old photographs from some years ago. It is amazing how photos are like time capsules.  It is like a travel to the very moment. You remember a scent, or surrounding events kin to that moment. You remember people you have grown apart from and exactly how they made you feel in those moments. The good, the bad and the ugly. Even the regretful moments are all stained into one photograph. It triggers all the memories in your brain. I remember deeply reflecting on the not so good moments. I was feeling really grateful for the not so good memories, it just stuck with me as I reflected. I began to pick apart the lessons I had learned. Like how can I apply this now.

Sometimes we tend to isolate events, what if we were to mold it together to view holistically. To strip down the finer details we so often run from. When we ponder on these things we begin to put them into perspective. We awaken our mind’s eye from oblivion. We become aware of what to do with this knowledge. We often talk a lot about the lessons our past has thought us yet there is an isolation of what was learned from where it needs to be applied.

How are you applying the painful lessons? How are you avoiding the occurrence of things that have happened already?

Let us meditate with the freedom granted to us through Jesus Christ our savior. Meditate on the events that have shaped our lives with the intent of piecing them together and learning how to apply lessons. Let us meditate with the faith that God will cause his divine highlighter to highlight the desolate places in our lives. The places where there is need for these lessons to be applied. Let us begin to pray with the faith that we will have the strength to apply.


Do have a blessed day!

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    ray byn



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    Kavorn Williams

    Very True!!!


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