Good Morning to my blog friends. Welcome to Maranatha blogs where we seek the heart of God for the progression of our christian walk. Let us figure out life together! Let us allow Jesus Christ to lead  us to discovering the heart of God.

We often underestimate the power of repositioning. Simple change of posture. An act of going back to the drawing board of life. To make a reroute, a detour or complete shut down to the way we once did it. A new strategy that works. We may be plugging into the wrong source and expecting the outcome we were hoping to happen. Life never really came about with a list of instructions on how to get things done. Sometimes it could be a vicious cycle of trial and error. We all try new things everyday, things we did not even think ourselves capable of.  Sometimes we are met with failure. Failure is inevitable. At some point in life. Plans are made and plans fall apart. One negative change in the economic climate could cause a business to fall apart, a natural disaster can happen. Life happens…

How does one conquer failure? The unforeseen things.  Go back to the drawing board. Reposition your emotions,  reposition your persistence, reposition your dedication. Reroute, maybe the path you are going on is not the way that will help you achieve your goals but it feels comfortable so you remain there. Get uncomfortable, rush right through the fear of not knowing because it is different. Detour, take a detour, it is okay to change your direction entirely if the original destination is not working for you. Not everyone has the same destiny. It is like being in a space where everyone around you is wearing blue colored shirts but yours is meant to be red but you know blue. So you kind of just drift to where the blues identify but in your heart you know you need to find the red shirts. Detour. Shutdown, sometimes you just need to shut down the entire operation. Whether it is a relationship, a friendship, a business deal. Shut it down. Do not become afraid of putting an end to things. Do not be swayed by unruly emotions. Our biggest turmoils most times are internal. Silence the emotions that cause you to cave in permanently.

Whether it is a detour, a reroute or shut down. Go back to the drawing board, reposition. As simple and silly as this example sounds, yesterday I plugged my phone to the charger for close to one hour. The battery kept decreasing rapidly instead of charging. Then the lights started doing this blinky dance. I then learned that I had plugged it into the wrong outlet. The volt was higher than the norm. After plugging it into the right outlet it was charged to about 50% very quickly. Friends, plug into the right source. You will find the right source once you reposition and build up the courage to make hard decisions, make sacrifices.

While in this mode of making change consult Jesus, he knows our blue print and exactly what will snatch us up out of a defeated walk. Pray for guidance acknowledging him in your daily walk. He never fails, with him you will experience less trial and errors. He is the ultimate divine connection. The one true power source.

Isaiah 58:11 states;

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

Here’s to becoming aware of Jesus standing beside us. Time to go back to the drawing board. Time to reposition. Time to plug up to the right source. Time to make all failures worth the experience.

Do have a blessed day!

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