The caterpillar to butterfly metaphor is so overused. Still no matter how many times it’s talked about or is seemingly cliche, the beautifulness of the process is not depleted. The beautifulness of it all remains unchanged. There are caterpillar seasons and butterfly seasons. The butterfly goes through four stages before becoming it’s true self. The eggs are laid, which then grows to a caterpillar, the caterpillar forms itself into a pupa then the butterfly bursts forth.

Like this process our walk with God is quite similar. We have to go through the process. What peaks my interest about this is what happens in the pupa, from the outside it appears dormant as though the caterpillar is resting. As though nothing is happening. It’s just a blob. Quite contrary to this, on the inside is where all the upturn is. All the action happens on the inside. The caterpillar is going through much change, much physical growth.

Sometimes our walk with God feels dormant. Our lives feel dormant. It looks bleak and unpromising. It appears in a way that’s almost frightening. Little do we know Jesus is always working behind the scenes for us. Little do we realize the inward change that’s constantly taking place in our lives. Little do we know about the opportunities that have been lined up because of the change that happens. Until one day the shell we’ve been in becomes too small. Until one day we burst forth into our full potential.

Don’t underestimate the pupa stage. The stage where it looks daunting and dormant. Gird yourself in prayer, supplication. Believing that as you pray God is working, the change is coming. Believe that close on the horizon awaits a beautiful butterfly ready to lay more eggs.

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