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Welcome to maranatha blogs where we search the heart of God for our lives and partner on the journey of faith!

As we go about our lives we often wonder about our potential for growth in different environment and why we flourish better in some places than others. The answer is that we need to recognize our environment of potential.

The heart of God is for you to grab hold on the environment that allow the full growth of your gifts, talents and abilities while recognizing which environment will kill your thoughts, hopes and dreams.

On the weekends the traffic is so heavy and it takes a while to get out of the street to the main road. So all the vehicles would go really really slow or come to a halt at intervals. All the vehicles would be limited to one of two options; to go really slow or to stop. I’m usually in a taxi at those times trying to get where I’m going. To be honest I’m always surprised at what happens when the cars get onto to the main roads. Most of the cars would go racing with the most speed in the open road. Others would go moderately slow out of choice. It amazes me that I get a glimpse into knowing a bit about the drivers. I get to see their reaction to driving on the main road in a state that allows them to fully drive the way they’d anticipated.

This simple scenario as it replayed in mind is quite an apt description in comparison to our environment. Like the vehicles moving slow, some environment only provide us with a limited amount of options; to go slow or come to a halt. While others allow us to come to a place where we begin to choose our pace of progression.

It’s time to come into full recognition of the places, things or people that may slow you down or bring you to a halt. It may be the words spoken over you, fear, rejection or disappointment. Maybe the idea that you had was not welcomed in some of the rooms you’ve walked into. However it may appear, it’s time to be intentional on recognizing them. It’s time to recognize the environment that allow your ideas to flourish. Begin to transition into those spaces and grab hold of all the opportunities, people and words spoken over you that allow your potential to be expanded the way God intended.

As you begin to transition you will start to recognize that; You are worthy of being heard. Your voice is important. You are authentically you. The environment you have walked into before may not have been prepared for the authenticity you’ve had to offer. As you walk into the right environment, you will begin to speak your truth and your value will be heard. People will listen and witness the treasure you have buried inside your heart come to life. You will change the world. Keep on persevering. The key to finding your God intended destination is through perseverance and prayer.”

Time to transition knowing according to;

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Have a blessed day!

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