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Today’s topic in a synopsis will challenge our ability to let go of things. As human beings we are creatures of habit. Sometimes we become so shrouded in routine that we ourselves do not recognize it. As we are shrouded in our daily routines we begin to connect with various things that become enshrined in our being. It becomes a part of us. It becomes our identity. More of times than many we connect with things that we need, we connect with things that we do not need and lastly we connect with things that should have only served us for a season. How do we filter our collecting? How do we monitor what we bag up? Simple; some things must be discarded, some things must be kept and some must be utilized for a period of our lives.

Guys, when I say things I am referring to whatever things you are carrying as a human being. Not necessarily physical although it might be.

During the course of December, I have been involved in the traditional general cleaning that basically defines part of the Christmas Culture of my country.  Yearly I would sort through my belongings at this time. I would do one of three things; discard, give away or keep them. As I was sorting through my things I began to realize that although I’d been sorting for some good years, I had gone quite a few without discarding things. I just sat there in the midst of the chaos I had upturned in the space asking myself why I’d kept all these things. What was my excuse for keeping my one eyed lamp? loll, Upon closer examination of the items I could clearly trace the excuse I had made for keeping each one. The excuse was, ” I am going to fix this.” In that moment I realized that If I actually fixed some of these things when I said I was going to, they would have served me some purpose years ago. Some were just never salvageable and should have been thrown out. I had grown so attached to these things that it was hard to throw them away. The sorting ended with many items being discarded, some were kept and some were parceled to be given away.  This time around the items I kept will actually serve me purpose for a few more years.

What are you holding onto? Does it need discarding? Do you need to give it away because it no longer serves you any purpose? or Do you need to truly keep those things.

I believe as we approach the new year the heart of God is for us to sift our spaces. The things we keep connected to us play a major role in our lives. Whether the connection involves people, spaces, a habit, emotions. It is time to hone in on the things that serve a purpose in your life. There is so much liberty in releasing the things that no longer serve you any purpose. There is hope in letting go of the things that keep you captive. Do not become shrouded in routine to the point where your reality becomes distorted. As you go about your day to day, hold up a filter in your life. As you seek God in prayer you will find clarity on how to filter these things.

It’s easy to make excuses not to let go of the unnecessary. The lack of it may shift you into a realm of unknown things. The unknown may shake up your routine a bit but with the unknown comes necessary experiences that serve your purpose. As we begin to unlock new experiences approaching the new year, we will flush ourselves into a required newness.

Time to Declutter!


One response to “Declutter”

  1. Raul Avatar

    its unique to see that nothing goes to waste that you can even use your hording habits to recycle old valuables storages of sentimental tangibles that was once the spotlight of priorities in your life and use their resrangement to optimize contemporary life applications.
    lovely piece.


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