Hey Guys, welcome to Maranatha Blogs where we explore the heart of God for us and shoulder each other on our Christian Journey, as we await the return of Jesus. Join me as we talk about practical life experiences and how they affect our daily walk.

How’s everyone? I hope and pray all is well. I know we all share different experiences during this season of Covid-19. Whatever your unique experience is in these times, I believe that you’ll come out on the other side thriving.

So here’s how I’ve been doing this week;

For some reason I’ve become a barefoot scientist in this season discovering new things about myself. The desirable and the undesirable. For instance, I can follow a really good YouTube recipe to cook new dishes. Of course after watching too many episodes of cooking shows. On the undesirable side of things, this week I’ve discovered that I completely loathe assembling any kind of furniture. It was me versus a rack this week. Hats off to everyone who has the gift of assembling, my friend I admire you. Realizing that I had lacked the precision and patience required to bring this rack into it’s full potential was very nerve-racking. I had one very easy and simple solution to my issue. To march over to my sister who has the patience and precision to assemble things. Instead of doing that I suffered for a longer time than I’m willing to admit. The rack had won and I went to bed that night without it completed. The very next morning my mother intervened, she’d exclaimed at me asking why I didn’t ask for help. At this point she had hoisted the rickety structured rack into my sister’s room. With much precision and patience my sister pieced together the rack.

I was happy, content and thankful in the end. My mother’s words kept ringing in my head that day. Why didn’t you ask for help?

Sometimes we do that. Sometimes we become so independent or so filled with pride that we refuse to ask for help. Often times, we may be falling apart and drowning in our own frustration. Too often we’re concerned with painting an image of “having it together,” rather than walking in the fullness of what that really means. Asking for help can often be perceived as a sign of weakness, defeat or even failure because the task at hand was not singly completed.

In some areas of our life we freely ask for help and in other areas its harder to surrender to saying, I need help here; I really don’t know what I’m doing. Guys confession, I really wanted to throw the rack out the window. I was over it. You don’t have to wait for the heaviness or the difficulty of the task at hand to get to this point before asking for help.

You may need help in different aspects; physical help from someone next door, help on an assignment, it may even be something really mundane like getting someone to pick up your groceries in these times. Our need may be spiritual. Some of us just need to say Jesus I surrender to you (John 14:26). I need your help in my life. It may even be both.

A cry for help is not a sign of weakness, failure or defeat. A cry for help where help in need is a portrayal of strength in suffering. You may even need to stop and say to yourself, this task is hard. Whatever I’m up against is bigger than just me. God’s intent was never for us to carry our burdens alone. You’re not alone! One more quick thing, ever notice that most of the people around you are gifted in areas that you’re not? The truth is our differences is what makes us need each other. Allow the different gifts of the people around you to become service of what you may need and in the same way share your uniqueness to help others in areas they may be lacking. What do you need help with in this season? Do not isolate from Jesus or the people who surround you with love. (Matthew 11:28-30)

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