Hey Guys! Welcome to Maranatha Blogs where we search the heart of God for us and shoulder each other as we await the return of Jesus. I share my practical life experiences in bringing across the word. You’re not alone on your journey of faith, yes sometimes it gets really rocky but we’re here running with endurance. If you don’t know Jesus you’re also welcomed here.

How’s everyone? Hope your week was great. I’m fine as well. Yesterday I had the the most scrumptious cupcake ever! Aside from being the typical coffee gal in the morning, I love me some good cupcakes. Anyway I couldn’t wait to finish eating my lunch yesterday to sink my teeth into it. I kind of ate around. As I reached the center of it I realized that the most amazing filling was in the center. It made the cupcake, the cupcake. Like any other normal day I felt the prodding of the Holy Spirit on Jesus being the center of my life. I seriously paused with icing all over my hands like a little cupcake monster. It was this thing of am I the center of your life? It was so profound and I sat to reflect on where I’d place Jesus the past couple of days, the last couple of weeks, the last couple of months. Now you may be thinking, umm Grace it was just a cupcake calm down. I’d been really busy the past week and not been intentional about really journaling God’s revelation so he brought the revelation to my cup cake eating.

I began thinking to myself I’ve been praying and really delving into the word, am I really placing Jesus in the center of my life, my worries and my fears. Something that has become realer than ever to me is that sometimes we choose where we place God to be the center. Sometimes we invite him through the prayer then slam the door shut in his face from our practical experiences. Are you inviting God into your moments of worry or do you depend on people more than you depend on him? Are you inviting him into your moments of fear, uncertainty? When I begin to think about where I’ve placed God in my mind, I begin to think if everything fades away, if all the things I’ve placed my comfort in were to fade away will I still stand resolute and depend on God? What if I woke up one day and God was all I have? No job, no friends, no accolades, no degrees, no witty words, no fancy car, just Jesus. Will he be enough for me?

When I think about God being the center of my life I think about total dependency on him. I think about releasing the logic that I know for the unknown of what he has in the blue prints of my life before the foundation of the world. When I think about all the disappointments I’ve faced with people, things and places. When I think about the expectations I’ve placed on myself or the relationships around me I stop to wonder if it’s on the throne of my heart or if Jesus is on the throne of my heart. The truth is, we were never meant to put our whole trust in things, or people or our ability. The sad truth is opportunities end, people move on, life changes, seasons pass, things are so fickle. Always changing, never steady. Never holding its hands together in one place. The truth is when we get down to the center of things there’s no chocolate filling. The only constant we will ever find on our search of becoming is God and his word. He never changes, he never disappoints, hands always steady. He’s patient, enduring, he’s always ready, he’s always waiting and he never changes his mind about us. As we move from opportunity to opportunity, place to place, season to season. Through sad times, through happy times, through seasons with different people. He remains the same… unchanging, unhinged, always ready. Why not put him in the center? Invite him in your worry uncertainty, happy times sad times. When you get down to the middled of any circumstance there’s always a chocolate filling. We were never meant to carry these things alone.

So much has changed. So much continues to change. The times we live in are very unprecedented. Put God in the center of your life depending fully on his providence. Spend time in his presence, begin to consecrate. You can do so through prayer, coming away from the noise just to sit in meditation. Then ask yourself if I were emptied of everything, will Jesus still be my everything? Will he remain at the center.

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