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This title is weird I know. It scares me too. It actually scares me the same way in which the word “faith” gives me a good rattle. For some reason when I envision the word I can see someone bungee jumping off of a cliff or taking a huge dive into a pool. So, if you haven’t guessed it as yet this blog is all about faith and how scary it can be. The kind of faith that feels like walking through a haunted house in darkness. The kind of faith that’s like trying a new ice cream flavor or a new dish. Like the first time I tried sushi but I digress. It simply means whether the faith moves presents itself as simplistic or dramatic, it exists.

According to Hebrews 11:1,

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Faith added with trust complement each other like pen and paper. Faith requires trust. If I’m to visualize a typical scenario of the level of trust I’d have to give in a typical day-to-day action, I would contrast my reactions to being stuck on an escalator versus being stuck on an elevator. If I think about going down an escalator while overthinking all the possible things that can go wrong, I really would not freak out. I’d resolve in my mind that hey Grace, it’s just an escalator if it stops moving you can easily walk off of it and trust that someone will eventually fix the issues. I wouldn’t have to worry about when it’s fixed or who’ll come to fix it, I can easily walk off of it. If I think about going into an elevator while overthinking all the possible things that can go wrong, I would think myself into a complete panic!!!! I would be trapped in a confined space, probably with a complete stranger next to me for possibly hours. Depending on the dynamics of the building I may or may not have signal to call for help. I’d think if I press the emergency button someone may or may not hear. I would think that would result in me to having to wait an undetermined amount of time. I’d ponder about when it’ll be fix and who will fix it. There is simply no way out without depending on external help.

My point with the above illustration is that it’s so easy to have faith in the outcome of a circumstance when we can clearly see a way of escape. As soon as there’s difficulty or a response that requires dependency on a source that we’re not sure about we’re riddled with unbelief and fear. Usually when we start growing as Christians there are some moments where God will require us to have that trapped in an elevator kind of faith. A faith that will believe that someone is on the way to rescue. A faith that God will show up where we cannot see our next move. My question to you today is, can you have faith in God? Will you believe him when he brings you into the deep end. No safety pack, no parachute, no floaty, no boat. Just the deep end. It may look like moving to another city, starting a new ministry, going to a new church, starting a business, writing a book, moving to a new country, leaving a job, leaving a relationship and the list goes on. A complete uprooting. I call it the jump or the leap. A jump because I’m sure that wherever God leads we will jump and land on two feet.

Whatever level of faith God Is calling you to exhibit today, rest assured that you can trust him. Be sure that you can trust God where you cannot see. If we were always able to see the outcome then faith wouldn’t be required of us. The scripture makes me smile because it says the evidence of things not seen. Even though it is not seen it is evident. And guys, I want to plead with you today in saying that fear is not an indication of the absence of faith. Do it afraid! Fear can affect your faith, yes. However, fear cannot cancel out your faith. Do it afraid. Step out in faith afraid. As you plummet yourself into the possibilities of the unseen your fears will wilt away. In the face of the impossibilities God is able. The impossible becomes possible with your unwavering belief in the wonders of the goodness of God! So jump today knowing that whatever lies on the other end of your faith in God is good.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

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  1. Raul Avatar

    this message is timely ur never too old for another thrill of Faith i am excited for The next jump

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