Hey guys! Welcome to Maranatha Blogs where we explore the heart of God for us. Like always, I think of here as a safe space for the realities of our Christian walk to be shared together. I use my practical life experiences to bring across what God has to say through his Holy Spirit. So yes, you can come here to chill, sit back, and read as we await the return of Jesus. If this is the first time you are hearing about Jesus Christ, you are also welcomed here.

So Happy New Year! The big 2022! I cannot wait for what this new year has in store for us. I believe God is bringing us into a season of newness, restoration, and divine healing spiritually, physically, and mentally. I declare that as you read today, you will begin to experience this in your life. Isaiah 43:19 ” Behold, I am doing a new thing: now it springs forth, do you not perceive it. “

So let’s talk about the title of this blog and how I can attest to God doing new things. The serendipity title is inspired by one of TD Jake’s messages. For me, it represents the unexpected miracles of God. Yes, we know God is good, and yes, we know that he can do the impossible. YET! He has a way of sweeping us off our feet with the way his goodness springs out of nowhere. I am here to tell you today to believe and expect the goodness of God in unprecedented ways. His serendipity in my eyes shows forth his greatness after much suffering, endurance, wilderness seasons, and desolate times. It’s a fresh spring.

Guys, I could remember starting 2021 with so many expectations, goals, and dreams. I had an idea of how 2021 should go, the people I should surround myself with but I had no idea that God wanted me to experience His goodness and newness in unexpected ways. I wanted to grow, bear fruit and establish where I wanted to grow, not realizing God also wanted these things for me but in new places where the grounds are fertile. I was taken up trying to plant seeds and reap the harvest where the grounds were no longer fertile. I’m saying that to say sometimes in order to experience God in new ways we need to follow his leading. I had the worst and best experiences of my life in 2021 but I felt God’s unexpected intervention and goodness after my obedience to his leading.

A little before I obeyed the leading of the Lord coming down to the end of the year 2021, one night I had this dream. I was in a store; one side of the store had discounted clothing that looked normal, but they were outdated or as most would say “out of fashion,” I could remember searching and shopping in that area. Out of nowhere, this attendant came up to me and he took me to another section where all the clothing was new. It was unlike anything I had seen in my life, it was breathtaking. When I woke up I was truly convinced that the Lord was showing me the state of my heart and mind. I was looking for new things in old places, worn-out places and he wanted me to open my eyes to follow his leading in the new places he would set for me. This did not come easy because I really wrestled in my mind and I wrestled with God. I finally made up my mind to follow his leading with the faith that the new places would be revealed to me before I left the old behind. Of course, it did not happen that way LOL. The lord was growing my faith and trust in him.

Here’s the ugly truth, I cried for one week after obeying the Lord. Sometimes obedience will not look pretty, but it is necessary. I sat with the Lord for about 21 days just seeking his face trying to understand where he was taking me. At this point I was done shopping in old places, I was finished digging up new spring in dried-up wells. At this point, I was in a posture of surrender and I had come to the end of myself. I had a lot of emotional turmoil during this season, but I was still completely convinced that I will go wherever God wanted me to go. What I am really trying to say to you is, will you let go of the old things to experience the newness of God? I tried to throw a fleece before the Lord to say show me what you have and I will let go of these old places (LOL). But truly, friends, if we want to experience the goodness of God, experience his faithfulness and exercise our faith we need to come to a place where we can fully depend on him.

Anyway, guys, after the 21 days or 28 days had passed, I was refocused, the emotional turmoil was gone and I was restored. I began to see the evidence of serendipity. At that time I was receiving emails and calls with opportunity after opportunity and my ministry was restored. God not only restored me, but he also exceeded my expectations. He gave me better than I thought I had lost. The biggest mark of it all is the newness. As each day unravels I still feel the continuous shift of his newness. I am pleased to report that I am the happiest that I have ever been.

Friends, I’m not saying your story may exactly go like this, but sometimes there are things we need to do in order to be in the places God wants us to be. He requires our obedience, faith in him, and our trust in him. God wants to do something new for you, for us, and for the world. There is a newness that awaits us. New vision, new mindset, new growth, new faith, new devotion to God and for his church. You will experience his unexpected miracles. You will see his serendipity.

Happy New Year my friends! I can’t wait for us to have another year as a community of Jesus Christ.

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