Hello! Welcome to Maranatha Blogs, where we share and uncover the heart of God for us. If this is your first-time hearing about Jesus Christ, you are also welcomed here. I hope you’re comfortable while reading this one. If not, stop what you’re doing grab a snack and kickback with me for a few. I promise I have something amazing to share with you. For the next couple of minutes, I’m your long-lost friend or pet fish, pet. LOL cringe …

As the curtains start to close on this year, I want to share with you about my walk with purpose. I’d like to think of my road to discovery of purpose as a jostle with a Rubik’s cube. The goal is to turn a messy multi-colored block into a uniformed blend of colors. Its original state is intended to have every side perfectly aligned with its intended color; it’s messed up state is a blend of multiple colors that seem not to fit with anything. If I had to describe my journey of uncovering, I’d deem it an unsolved Rubik’s cube. That being said, I’m still walking with purpose, and I think I’ve fixed like one side of its Rubik’s cube to its perfect blend. Erno Rubik when inventing the Rubik’s cube set out to create a world that fostered an environment for higher intellect, problem solvers and inevitably world changers. Everything has its purpose, even a Rubik’s cube. How much more did God take time to carefully place a purpose in each of us in the same way? Even if we are unhinged, our colors become distorted, our originally intended outlook is very much present. Our mission is to start shifting, twisting and reshaping our lives to start looking in the original way we were created to be.

Sounds easy right? Just do it. Just find your purpose then do it. Most of our lives it’s what we’re told by everyone. How do we get to the edge of the thing that God created us to do? I’ve read books, prayed myself black and blue, spoken to mentors and leaders but somehow, I continued to feel more confused about my purpose. I equipped myself with the right tools, information and people yet nothing felt fulfilling. Why was I still coming up empty on this with all the right tools around me? Simple answer, I refused to yield. I had a plan; I had an idea of how my life should be and I refused to listen or utilize any tools or thing that challenged that. I folded my fist, clinched my teeth and squared-off at purpose. I antagonized her, knees weak with fear, fingers ready to fight and I was very unwelcoming. Purpose was redirecting me kicking and screaming. I don’t have one right answer for you but here’s what I have discovered.

YIELD! When God is redirecting, yield. His direction is a key indication of where we need to be. Do not clinch fingers, or fist or anything and fight. Yield, quickly. Again, hard but necessary. The quickest way to kill your purpose is by dwelling in a place that God did not intend for you to enter or continue dwelling. Yield your will, your plans and your life. Sometimes the uncovering of purpose lies in the yielding.

Success does not define purpose. Purpose defines success. We can acquire all our ideas of success and still miss the mark on purpose. If we parade our purpose as the idea of success, then we will always come up empty. We will always search for the next shiny object to fill that void. Success is great, please acquire all the things but do not miss purpose finding jewels. I’m happy if you’re fortunate enough to find success in your purpose. But if you don’t, please choose purpose. I can assure you that if you steward purpose well then success is inevitable.

Take a look at your life and carefully reflect. Trace the thing that reoccurs in every place, in every space you have ever entered. What were you doing? According to the late Dr. Myles Munroe, your purpose lies in your gifting which births your value. What makes you valuable to others? If you can find your value, then you can find your purpose.

My simple story is I thought that my purpose is this one amazing thing wrapped up in a perfect box with all my desires just the way I imagined it. I thought it was etched in one place, one career or one system. I intentionally started yielding, redefining success, reflecting, tracing the path of my life, identifying my value and identifying my giftings. I did this with careful prayer and meditation with Jesus. Little by little I began seeing that purpose is ripe all around me. Not in my preconceived way but through the eyes of Christ. I realized that seasons changed in my life, people came and went, I changed so many spaces, but I was still doing the same thing. I’ve been building, creating and forging change the way God intended. I’d finally fix one side of my Rubik’s cube. I’d finally realize that it didn’t really matter what I was doing, where I was or who I was doing it with. I’m in my purpose once I am creating, building and forging change. Whether it’s writing this blog or preaching the gospel from a podium or working in a corporate setting.

If you follow my method to start uncovering purpose, this may take a while but there is also an immediate answer for purpose. Your overall purpose, the one purpose that we all share lies in the reason we were created. We were created to worship God.

Isaiah 43:21; “The people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.”

You are fulfilling purpose every day when you worship, when your life is filled with worship and praise. The closer you draw to Jesus Christ in worship, the easier everything else flows from a position of praise. Your thoughts align with his, your vision aligns with his. You will stand on the edge of the thing you were created to do.

On my road to discovery I also uncovered truth. The beautiful truth is that once you’re alive there is purpose. There’s purpose in the spectacular things, there’s purpose in the mundane. There’s purpose in the right here, right now. Whether you’re tending to a group of Sunday school kids, serving the dinner table at home or preparing for your next jog. You don’t have to wait for the next big thing. There’s value in the now. Where there is value you have purpose. That my friend is a revelation we all need to sit with.

Let’s twist the Rubik’s cubes of our lives and hit the mark of our calling!

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