Maranatha signifies that the Lord is coming. This blog was a vision planted by God as a reminder of his heart for us as we live on earth. It is a daily dose of God’s heart. As we disciple others and as we prepare ourselves for his return, God wants our hearts in the right shape and we should never be comfortable in one place. We should aspire to deeper levels in God. These blogs remind us as often as could in the rawest way possible. Join me on my life’s journey as I share my practical experiences with God as unfiltered as I can. The messy, the murk, the joyful, happy, and confusing days. Life can get sticky and Christianity is not a walk in the park. My hope is that my experiences remind you that you are not alone on your journey with Christ. Let’s press towards the race that was set before us and run with endurance. As always, Welcome to Maranatha blogs, and if this is the first time you are hearing about Jesus Christ you are also welcome here!

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